Diesel shrinkage is avoidable with professional fuel management.

Optimized Fuel Management Process

It will

  • create massive savings for you
  • be easy to use for your team
  • eliminate compliance problems

Your peace of mind is our most important business, so we built
VRC OFM for you.

3 solid reasons

 to use 
VRC Outsourced Fuel Management

#1: Massive Savings  = Great Return On your Investment.

Our existing clients report savings averaging 8% of their total diesel bill.* All tasks necessary to have a continuous control of the fuel procurement, storage, refueling, usage and fuel related compliance matters are automated as much as possible. This makes fuel management itself cost effective and reduces stress for the whole business, from back office staff to site workers and management..

#2: We do it so you don't have to.

We set up an optimized Fuel Management Process tailored to your business. We operate this process for you. This is why we call it Outsourced Fuel Management. The remote operation works very efficiently and guarantees high quality process execution because of the very reliable Alert Handling Process.  This means any event or incident will be dealt with.  If staff needs to take action on site then we notify the right person in time. We keep track of the job and escalate it to the next level of management if necessary until it is done.

#3: No more compliance problems.

Compliance is maintained on three levels:

Our products and services are designed in a way that has kept fuel matters technically and legally compliant for 2500+ clients for over 20 years.

All products comply with current New Zealand legislation and industry standards.

We monitor the dates of test certificates of your fuel equipment and notify about necessary re-testing in advance and ensure that it is performed in time to avoid repercussions.




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*Based on amount spent without any control measures




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