The software engine


 VRC Outsourced Fuel Management

Great return on investment

The license to use our software is part of the affordable VRC OFM subscription packages. By using this robust system we can deliver the user the best experience of  ease of use, while maintaining relevant reporting capabilities comparable to the market leader Business Information tools. Even the basic functions of the system, such as the daily fuel consumption report per vehicle produce great impact on fuel economy.


No new IT investment needed

Since the software is deployed in the cloud, - physically located on the Sydney Datacenter of AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the prestigious company of the cloud based systems of a number of major New Zealand companies, - there is no need to install any new hardware or software on the Client's end. This is convenient and very cost effective for our clients and enables us to keep our subscription fees low.


Easy to use for everyone

Because of the outsourced operation our clients' staff does not need almost any training to use the system and our friendly Help Desk staff is always available if questions arise.

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