The VRC Alert Handling Process

The process creates 3 values for the client:

  • Creates fuel savings
    Guarantees the quality of the optimized fuel management process
  • Saves labour for fuel manager staff
    Completes work otherwise done by dedicated fuel manager staff
  • Saves labour for senior management
    Completes a part of management workload

The milestones of the Alert Handling Process

The system records an alert

The cause of the alert, priority and who needs to take action (client or VRC) will be determined by the operator

If client staff needs to act then they get notified

If the designated staff fails to acknowledge the notification the next level of management gets notified

The cause of alert gets resolved

(by client staff or VRC as needed)

The the control loop returns to  the notification step until the original  test returns  normal operation value

This process is very robust and it is continuously adapted to the evolving needs of the VRC OFM - according to the development of the clients' fuel business - by our team. Any unprecedented new event triggers review of all involved processes. We will provide you time to time with expert reports about the operation and any eventual needs or profitable options of upgrade.

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