Base Control Unit

Kaonomat BCU - versatile and affordable

The Kaonomat (version 4.0) base control unit is the core hardware element of the VRC Outsourced Fuel Management. The unit authorises refuelling, registers flow data and connects all other parts such as the bowser and the VRC DataLevel (the automatic tank gauging probe) to the managing software over the Internet. It can be delivered in a variety of enclosures as needed, all of which are suitable for outdoor/indoor application.


The unit has proven itself in a large variety of environments. Internet connection outages do not cause any problems, as the unit is capable to operate offline until the Internet connection is restored. The offline transactions are securely stored locally among all other transactions, which eliminates data losses.


Small footprint and great usability

The unit comes with one separate bowser circuit-board, usually installed inside the BCU, which has a cumulative litres LED display. Hiding this display inside the BCU has proven helpful to prevent abuse, but it can be mounted in a visible position in a separate enclosure too. The BCU can control up to 15 bowsers, which means it can authorize 15 nozzles. Existing applications inclde sites with diesel, motor oil, DEF("AdBlue"), petrol* and windscreen-washer solution combinations according to the clients' specific needs.


The BCU can be provided with capability to register fuel volumes equalized to 15 ºC to reduce temperature related error of monitoring.


*option currently not available in New Zealand

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