VRC Alert Handling Process

The process creates 3 values for the client:

  • Creates fuel savings
    Guarantees the quality of the optimized fuel management process
  • Saves labour for fuel manager staff
    Completes work otherwise done by dedicated fuel manager staff
  • Saves labour for senior management
    Completes a part of management workload

This is how it works:

Optimized Fuel Management Process

In VRC OFM the optimized fuel management process is run remotely as an outsourced process. The system monitors several checkpoints. If the checkpoint values reach certain thresholds the system generates automatic alerts. The Alert Handling Process guarantees smooth operation.

Alert Handling Process

Experienced operator team runs all outsourced processes. Their work is an important part of the Alert Handling process. They eliminate false alarms and also play key part in keeping all systems updated continuously.

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